Sakste P-litter 

We are planning a litter for winter/spring 2022. Please send your inquiries to maris@dobermann.ee, if you are interested in a Sakste Estonian Hound puppy.

Our puppies will be ready for new homes at the age of 2 months. They are ID-marked (microchip), have EKL/FCI pedigree and Pet Passport. They have been de-wormed, vaccinated according to age and checked by our veterinarian. We can recommend a few licensed courier companies for delivery, if you are unable to travel yourself during the COVID-era.

In addition to puppy package we provide – if wanted/needed – a 24/7 support service for our puppy owners.

Our litters:

Sakste O-litter, 02.05.2021 | Sakkemäen Urho x Sakste Jutukas Juta
Sakste N-litter, 06.08.2020 | Joonas x Sakste Delikaatne Dorel
Sakste M-litter, 24.02.2020 | Sakste Direktne Derek x Zateyka
Sakste L-litter, 29.07.2019 | Joonas x Sakste Elurõõmus Eliisabet
Sakste K-litter, 04.02.2019 | Sakste Asjalik Arro x Zateyka
Sakste J-litter, 28.06.2017 | Maffi’s Voiton Opa x Sakste Delikaatne Dorel
Sakste I-litter, 28.06.2017 | Z-Solovey x Sakste Elurõõmus Eliisabet
Sakste H-litter, 19.04.2016 | Nabat x Sakste Delikaatne Dorel
Sakste E-litter, 04.05.2014 | D-Tarzan x Alita
Sakste D-litter, 14.10.2012 | Tuman x Alita
Sakste B-litter, 04.10.2011 | X-Tuks x Alita
Sakste A-litter, 06.04.2010 | Amur x Silli

All our puppies have been registered in Estonian Kennel Union (member of FCI) StudBook. You can view them on EKU online database.